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Enjoy the Early Spring!

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Enjoy the Early Spring with Kawazu Sakura Cherry Blossoms, "Kawazu Sakura Viewing with Special Lunch Box Plan" February 1st, 2017 ~ March 31st, 2017, Luxury Accommodation Plans are Now Available!
SHIZUOKA, January 2016 – The AGORA Hotel Alliance hotel, IMAISO (Address: 127 Mitaka, Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka – General Manager: Keisuke Nishio, Rooms: 45) is accepting reservations for a new Spring accommodation plan “Kawazu Sakura Viewing with Special Lunch Box Plan”, through March 31st, 2017.
"Kawazu Sakura Viewing with Special Lunch Box Plan"
Including a Special Lunch Box (Bento) filled with the bounty of the land and sea from Izu, this one night accommodation plan with three meals is a perfect way to enjoy the splendor of Izu and the Kawazu Sakura cherry blossoms. Dinner is served with a small stew pot (‘konabe’) containing fresh early spring radish greens along with a multitude of fresh early spring delicacies. Relish the special hospitality delivered by a traditional Japanese inn as you take in the view of the vast Imaihama coast in all its splendor and don’t miss our grand on-site natural hot spring and private indoor bath.
《About Kawazu Sakura》
Due to the warm Izu climate and their early blooming characteristic, the Kawazu Sakura (cherry blossoms) begin blooming in early February and reach full bloom in approximately one month. The Kawazu Sakura Festival will be held in Kawazu town from February 10th and you can enjoy Yozakura, Kawazu Sakura blossoms lit up at night. This is a splendid opportunity to enjoy the early spring together with your family and friends.