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Furuyu Onsen ONCRI Tokonoma Art Competit

The 5th Furuyu Onsen ONCRI Tokonoma Art Competition from Taipei Inn Group partnership Agora Hospitalities.
Warm water soothes your cares away at our natural hot-spring resort nestled in the mountains. Furuyu Onsen ONCRI (Saga pref., Japan) calls for entries to The 5th Tokonoma Art Competition. Theme of the competition is "Tokonoma no koto" (about tokonoma), closing date - 15th May 20.
[Theme] "Tokonoma no koto" (About Tokonoma)
Verifying value and meaning of tokonoma, the "alcove" that forms a spiritual focal point in traditional Japanese style rooms in which displays arts and seasonal flowers, participants are, by their own creation of art work, to challenge expressing the moments and universe passing by at ONCRI. The works of top five winning artists will be exhibited for one year in the tokonoma of five guest rooms including ONCRI Suite and ONCRI Japanese atelier.
Please mind that these five guest rooms will be sold to public and occupied by hotel guests during the term.
Deadline for submitting work: 15th of May 2016
Primary Screening: 27th of May 2016 in Tokyo
Public Judging Board: 3rd of July 2016 at ONCRI
First Prize: 300,000 JPY and one-night free stay at ONCRI (Room with your work displayed)
4 Awards of Excellence: one-night stay at ONCRI (Room with your work displayed)
All Finalists: A free ticket to SHIORI, hot spring facility at ONCRI
[The Judges]
Kohei NAWA (Contemporary Sculptor), Yuko Nagayama (Architect), Hideki Hamakawa (Interior Designer), Masato KODAMA, (the First Prize winner of the 4th ompetition), Aya Aso, Representative Director & CEO, AGORA Hotel Management Saga Co., Ltd.
[How to Apply]
Please submit photos, design or rendering of your work in the maximum size of A3 presentation board including description of concept of the work. Age and qualifications, genre (i.e. drawing, picture, sculpture, pottery) are open.
※ We ask finalists, who passed the Primary Screening to proceed to the Public Judging Board, to come to ONCRI for display and installation of own work in tokonomas.
※ Transportation expenses to attend the Public Examination to be covered by participants.
[Maximum size of work]
Size of Tokonoma: W2,600xD800xH2,300mm
※ Any size that fits within the above size is acceptable. Please note there is a hanging barrier of H410mm from the ceiling in front of the space where the works would be displayed.
※ Participants can conduct a preliminary check the display space by giving the bureau notice in advance: 50% discount will be applied for the accommodation cost.
[Contact Information Delivery address]
Furuyu Onsen ONCRI Tokonoma Art Competition Bureau
556 Furuyu, Fuji-cho Saga-city, Saga 840-0501 Japan